jQuery: Linking Our Files(Method 2)

  SETUP index.html So what did we do here? We linked the Ajax Google Api CDN(jQuery), then we linked our jQuery script file, which we will be editing and programming in, instead of downloading jQuery. script.js  


JavaScript: For Loop

Definition The 'for loop': it can shorten the code you have to write. it can handle long tasks. NOTE #1 : The for loop syntax is almost the same in all programming languages. Example  (Not using the 'for loop') console.log("10"); console.log("20"); console.log("30"); console.log("40"); console.log("50"); console.log("60"); console.log("70"); console.log("80"); console.log("90"); console.log("100"); Here is the second example:(using the 'for loop') … Continue reading JavaScript: For Loop